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    So, last night, the tagging antics were repeated in Denver and Los Angeles. The Denver peeps were a bit quiet on Twitter, so most of the info will be from the L.A. event.

    So firstly, like the Atlanta event, it was streamed LIVE, this time courtesy of @BreAnnaWittman, and is available to view HERE. So, at 20:30, the fun started! Here’s a quick clip:

    So, like last time, the team had 3 locations to tag. And at the end, like last time, they received a whole load of QR barcode tags linking to the MOTSM site, and a signed logo print from Marc Webb

    And here’s a nice group shot of the L.A. tag team together!

    And like last time, http://markofthespider-man.com has been updated with new photos from the events:

    So, New York and Phoenix, it’s your turn tonight! So what’s next? This tweet suggests there might be something coming up soon…

    So, I presume we can expect a hunt for more props in 6 more cities, leading to another operative hunt, and more tagging. Hopefully this goes international as well!

    So, good luck tonight if you’re going!

    (photos courtesy of @firstshowing and @jerrybandito)


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